“What would have taken four weeks of emailing took four hours face-to-face”.

This is the headline of a British Airways ad in a recent issue of Harvard Business Review.

In a recent article posted by Jordi Robert-Ribe, Jordi states that of course, travel operators will benefit from the use of face-to-face meetings. But don’t loose sight to how this translates to your relationship system.

The British Airways campaign highlights the business benefits of face-to-face meetings. However, there are other benefits too: the relationship ones. Relationships are based on trust. And trust is build more effectively with face-to-face meetings. It would be hard to quantify. The benefits for relationships are even bigger than the business ones.

“In one hour face-to-face you can build the trust that would have taken 4 months of constant emailing to build”.

So stop typing that email… Stopping tweeting and posting updates on Facebook and “get belly-to-belly” with someone. Sit down 1:1, face-to-face and really get to know someone. Listen to their story learn who they really are, this is how a relationship will really flourish.


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