Four New Members Welcomed to the BCA Family

March 30, 2012- BCA Philadelphia officially welcomed four (4) new members to the BCA family this morning. The companies listed below represent the March 2012 Joining Class of BCA Philadelphia.

(listed alphabetically)

  1. Cancer Treatment Centers of America (Specialty Hospital). Recommended for membership by Sue Schick and Dan Tropeano, UnitedHealthcare.
    • We welcome John McNeil, CEO and the entire Cancer Treatment Centers Team
  2. PeopleShare (Staffing). Recommended for membership by Keith Baldwin, Spikes Trophies
    • We welcome co-founders Ryan Clark, Dave Donald, and the entire PeopleShare team.

  3. Reads Moving Systems (Moving and Storage).Recommended for membership by Phil Jaurigue, Sabre Systems
    • We welcome Bob Cox, CEO and the entire Reads Moving Systems Team

  4. Strategic Exit Advisors (Mergers and Acquisitions). Recommended for membership by Geoffrey Passehl, Northwestern Mutual Financial Network
    • We welcome Partners Curt Cyliax, Rob Waring and Chris Suhy.

All of our new members have passed the BCA vetting process, the Board of Advisors interview period and have officially been approved for membership. We are excited about all our new members! Thank you for the energy you have infused already and the encouragement to keep pursuing our mission to change the way people do business; To make it customary norm to help those around you in your never-ending pursuit of success, instead of stepping on others as they scramble up the ladder of success… Always putting others ahead of ourselves.

  1. #1 by RedmanVan on June 19, 2012 - 9:12 pm

    Cool how many people typically get accepted into this?

    • #2 by bcaphiladelphia on June 20, 2012 - 7:13 am

      1-2 companies are selected for membership by the Board of Advisors each month. Annually, no more than 24 new members are admitted.

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