Peter Guber wows BCA audience

What an incredible morning at the BCA breakfast! Peter Guber shared insights on his failures and successes leaving the audience feeling so inspired to reach their own higher success.

He told stories of his successes and his failures, reminding us all that your failures are just as important if not more important than your successes. He’s well known for a number of Hollywood hits but shared all the failures that he has endured as well, reminding us that without those failed movies he could never have made the box office hits.

He went on to give some insights to the audience on some of the ways he achieved his success:

• @thehubtalks Key takeaway: Technology is State of the Art, but it’s all about the state of your heart.

• @FirstNiagara (Stephanie bowers) Key Takeaway:
It’s not over till it’s over – Strange things happen in the last seconds of the game

• @JawsESPN Key Takeaway:
Even Michael Jordan missed 26 game winning shots, he was willing to fail in order to achieve that ultimate success

• Remember to make Connections not Contacts

• In order for your authenticity to show through you need to be in the same room and breathing the same air as your audience

• Relationships are Powerful, remember as humans that’s how we’re WIRED!

• you should always reach for the heart not the wallet.

• Be dyslexic… I always thought No meant On

Click Here for Official Pictures from the event by Bresner Studios

Click here for the BCA YouTube channel and video of Peters presentation


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