Blue Moon Tonight! Perfect excuse to reach out to old friends/colleagues/business contacts

No one has time in our busy lives to regularly stay in touch with old friends or colleagues or business contacts. It doesn’t mean those people are not important or don’t hold some place in your mind, but there are simply not enough hours in the day to make everything and everyone a top priority.

But it is important to find time to make them a priority every once in a while.

Tonight you have the perfect excuse to reach out and make them a priority! If you have an old friend or contact you only talk to once in a blue moon… Then start dialing: Today is the last blue moon until 2015.

A strong relationship is a balance of generosity both ways. Don’t wait until its too late, you never know when you may need them or their help with something. So a simple random act of generosity / outreach to let them know they still matter can go a long way.

It’s a blue moon… Take a second to say hello to that old friend that you only talk to once in a blue moon.

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