Conquer your own Everest

Thank you for joining us this morning. Thanks to Jamie Clarke for sharing his inspiring, adventurous story of achieving his Everest. Jamie taught us to not fear ‘your Everest’ but to overcome it… Because on the other side of fear
is freedom!

What is your Everest? I hope today inspired you to take a step toward conquering it!

Congratulations a true superstar in our eyes,  Keith Baldwin, Spikes Trophies, announced today as our VIP member.

Thank you to Rose Martin and The Hope Partnership for Education for sharing with us their mission. We invite you to visit their website to learn more and see how you can help. 

Also congrats to some members on their recent news, announced today during the KTB celebrates the BCA segment:

  • Larry Cohen of Brulee Catering was recognized by the historic society at the franklin square gala, a brick with Larry’s name will be permanently placed in franklin square. Congrats Larry on a great honor and thank you for being you!
  • Krapfs Coaches is celebrating the return of the Philly Phlash…. a quick, easy and inexpensive connection to key Philadelphia historical attractions … it returns with a new look and modern vehicles from Krapfs.
  • Congratulations to Bob Kane, First Niagara, and his family on his first grandchild, a healthy baby girl welcomed to the world.
  • Congratulations to Drew Polin, OpDecision, and his wife on their first child, they welcomed baby girl, Kayla last month.
  • Congratulations to Anthony Mongeluzo, PCS, and his wife who recently announced they are expecting a baby at the end of the year.

See pictures below from this this weeks events. Make sure to hash tag #BCAPROUD on any comments or pictures on today’s event.


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