H.C. Pody Roundtable: Best LinkedIn Practices

A Big Thanks to all who attended for their time and contribution to Wednesday’s Roundtable, and to the wonderful hosts, Hugh and Nick Pody for their hospitality.
It was a lively discussion regarding LinkedIn and other forms of social media. It was agreed upon that, whether you like LinkedIn or not, “you can’t NOT do it.” LinkedIn is one of many resources available to assist you when you are researching or “data mining” a prospective opportunity for your business. Conversely, your prospective clients will use LinkedIn or social media to check out your individual and business profile.
Many people shared with the group that there is a designated person on the staff to update the company profiles on LinkedIn and Facebook. Some may outsource it too. One big take away was to make sure your company website is updated before you begin to build your individual/company profiles up on LinkedIn, as your profiles will direct or “ push” people to your company website.
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