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BCA is Excited to Annouce Rory Vaden as the October Speaker! #BCAProud @Rory_Vaden

zMBs9grlBCA is excited to announce our October guest Speaker! Rory Vaden was highly recommended to BCA by our friends at UnitedHealthcare, and after learning more about him, we agree he is a great fit. Rory’s platform is based on self discipline and Taking the Stairs, as opposed to always going the easy route. Rory talks about the keys to be successful in a very fast-paced and shortcut driven society. Rory is currently a #1 Best Selling Author, and a New York Times Best Sellinglibro Author for his book; Take the Stairs.

No matter how you define success, it requires one thing: self-discipline. But as popular speaker, author, and strategist Rory Vaden explains, we live in an “escalator world” one that’s filled with “short cuts,” “quick fixes,” and distractions that make it all too easy to slide into procrastination, compromise, and mediocrity. What seems like an easier path is really much harder in the end…and, it won’t take you where you want to go. How do successful people achieve their results? We will learn more when meet Rory Vaden at our October Speaker Reception and Hospitality Breakfast on October 1st and 2nd.

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BCA Summer Shared Activities; Mural Arts Tour and Studio Painting #PhillyMuralArts #PopeInPhilly @MuralArts #BCAProud

The BCA Team was very excited to get a chance to help paint the Mural Arts of Philadelphia project that will be dedicated in honor of Pope Francis’ visit to Philadelphia. The Papal Mural will be located at 1012 W. Thompson Street, the future home of the Saint Malachy School. We also walked center city with our tour guide learning about many of the beautiful works of art that grace the building walls. Philadelphia is a “city of murals” with over 2,000 murals and works of public art inside the city limits.

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BCA Summer Shared Activities; Bike Ride Down Kelly Drive #BCAProud

We love promoting great ways to build relationships, and this summer the BCA team has been challenged to share something that is special to each of us, through a shared activity. BCA’s Casey McCrudden invited the entire BCA team to meet with our bicycles at In Rivera in East Falls, and participate in an 8 mile bike ride along the beautiful Schuylkill River Run. You never know exactly how a shared activity will help your group or individual relationships, but it will definitely be fun!

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One More Thank You to our BCA Star Spangled Sponsors! #BCAProud

We’d like to once again thank all of the amazing BCA Member’s who who participated and partnered with the Star Spangled Spectacular Golf Outing this year, to make it even more special. Please Click Here to see photos from the Star Spangled Spectacular. To view the sponsor list and visit the BCA Member websites please Click Here.

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Rodriguez Consulting Roundtable; The Power of Mentors #BCAProud @Rodriguez_LLC

A Huge Thank you goes out to Lou Rodriguez of Rodriguez Consulting who hosted yesterday’s Roundtable. The impactful topic, “The Power of Mentors” created a platform for an amazing conversation. BCA Members learned about Rodriguez Consulting’s work on all the Philadelphia water systems including Fairmount Water Work’s Museum! It was fascinating to learn Philadelphia’s original water system consisted of tanks and pipes made of wood!

Many members contributed their thoughts including Mitch Weinick, who differentiated the terms Advisor, Role Model, Coach, and Mentor for the group. Mentors can take any role in life, and are valuable at any age, and many members agreed it is important to mentor those who are younger. Phil Jaurigue and Brian Lipstein contributed that it can be lonely at the top of your company, so learning from those you mentor and taking advice from others is important.


Thanks to all the BCA Members who contributed their time and energy to the BCA “Braintrust” and enjoyed a beautiful day out at Fairmount Water Works!

 From Left to Right: Mary Pat Kessler-BCA, Jon Buzan-REPSG, Hugh Pody-H.C.Pody, Brian Lipstein-Henry A. Davidsen, Lonnie Barish-NAP, Mitch Wienick-Kelleher, Lou Rodriguez, Lindsay Rosenberg-Riversharks, Shawn Orenstein-KTB, Dave Czarnecki-CzarStar Security, Jeff Backal-Team Builders, Brandon Steiger-Synergema, Phil Jaurigue-Sabre Systems, Shaun Lyons-Precision

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We hope you enjoyed the Star Spangled Spectacular BCA Golf Outing! #BCAProud

Thank you to all our BCA Members and their guests for coming out and celebrating the BCA Star Spangled Spectacular Golf Outing. A big thanks to Downingtown Country Club, the newest member of RJG for hosting such a wonderful event! We hope that you enjoyed golfing with some old and new friends and that you were able to strengthen and build your relationships. A huge thank you also goes to our event sponsors for all of their support! Read the rest of this entry »

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