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BCA is Looking Forward to having the #PopeInPhilly #BCAProud @Pontifex

We are very excited that Pope Francis will be “gracing” us with his presence in the beautiful City of Philadelphia. Just in case any of our BCA Members were missing out on the ever changing news, we decided to compile a few helpful links that we’re using to track the Historic Event!


Mary Pat, Lauren and the one and only Pope Francis at Nicole Miller (#OpenInPHL) in the Bellevue Hotel.

6abc News – Papal Timeline and Updates

NBC News – Detailed list of Closings and Papal Events

Visit Philadelphia – Guide to Papal Visit

PPA – Detailed Maps and Road Closures

Septa – Public Transportation Changes

Papal Visit Play by Play Weekend Schedule – PHL (website dedicated to Pope Francis’ U.S. Visit)

UWISHUNU highlights the “goings on” in Philadelphia.

AND for fun, here is the #PopeInPhilly page so you can see some real time highlights and photos about Pope Francis and his visit to our Amazing City. As well as, #OpenInPhilly where business’ can highlight their Papal Visit hours or status. ENJOY!


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Camp Endeavor, BCA October Charity Spotlight #Create #Inspire #Challenge #Change

Capture We look forward to welcoming our October Charity Spotlight guests from Camp Endeavor. The mission of Camp Endeavor is to provide b8f323_5dc6ca5da02541af9e16db5bf8847ef7.jpg_srz_p_980_476_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzelementary school aged students with a hands-on, holistic, educational experience with a strong focus on integrating science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) with the literacy.

b8f323_13b7c44103bb4c5bb562cf70a62dd398.jpg_srz_p_450_320_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzThe organization provides students with opportunities to participate in field learning experiences, allowing them an interactive framework to “touch, see, and think” about the world around them. Students participate in hands-on activities that encourage them to explore STEM (Science, b8f323_4e4986520e794fc79117dbcc4ed16ccf.jpg_srz_p_399_350_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzTechnology, Engineering, Mathematics) through reading and nature. Ultimately empowering them to explore and gain an enthusiasm for STEM that will contribute to their learning environment. Thanks to a recommendation from Mark Lawson of Premier Pharmacy Network, who sits on the Board of Advisors, we’re #BCAProud to see Camp Endeavor at our October events!

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Coaches VS Cancer Pre-Season Luncheon @CoachesvsCancer #BCAProud

CvsCBCA and Gibbons P.C. not only support Coaches vs Cancer at Gibbons March Madness but throughout the whole year. We are excited to attend their Pre-Season Luncheon on November 5th, 2015. Coaches vs Cancer Pre-Season Luncheon is a great event with opportunities to build relationships, hear an insiders’ look at the upcoming season, meet the six (6) Philadelphia coaches, and most importantly help raise awareness andCVC-CY15-EC-PA-Preseason-Luncheon-Save-the-Date-V3 funding for an amazing organization. We hope to see you there!

For more information please contact Wendy Lambour or by phone at 215.985.5304.

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You’ve Never Seen Anything Like David Garibaldi; BCA Breakfast In The Evening #BCAProud @GaribaldiArts

5463142816_1c640e1493BCA is very excited to announce David Garibaldi as our November 19th, Breakfast In The Evening guest speaker. David is more than a speaker, he is a performing and visual artist who tells his story of transformation through dance, painting and monologue.

50b33fa1-ec87-4dc0-947d-8b27d367d564Artists transform an empty canvas into a work of art through their skill, experience, inspiration and senses.  David Garibaldi’s life and transition into a world-renowned performance painter is no different. The culture and color of graffiti art served as an early inspiration for Garibaldi. Born in Los Angles, he later moved as a youth to South Sacramento. It was here that he learned to enjoy the use of his hands and body through art on “larger and somewhat illegal canvases” by painting graffiti as an angst teen. Graffiti artist and high school dropout, he was living day-by-day. The only constants in his life were music and art. Read the rest of this entry »

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What a Great Season of Mystery Golf! Thank you @JawsGolf #BCAProud

A Big thank you goes out to Blue Heron Pines, Downingtown Country Club, Riverwinds, Running Deer and Valleybrook for being amazing hosts and BCA members! We also want to thank our amazing BCA participants who got out of their comfort zones by arriving for their tee time to meet a surprise foursome.

BCA facilitates Mystery Golf and Mystery Golf Lessons in order to create an environment in which our members can get out of the office in the beautiful summer months. They are also sharing in an activity they enjoy, and most importantly, Building Relationships! In the light of the BCA Team Shared Activities Challenge, we thought we would highlight all the fun BCA Mystery Golf sessions that took place this summer. Please contact Mary Pat with any questions,

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