Looking Forward to Meeting the SoldierStrong Team #BCAProud @SabreSystemsInc @SoliderStrong

6860908638-41a804ad87-k-1437502067-649z-column-width-inlineBCA welcomes the SoldierStrong organization to our January Sabre Systems Launch Party and Hospitality Breakfast. We’re so #BCAProud and honored to have them as our guests and recognize all the amazing work they’re doing for our U.S. Military veterans. Their groundbreaking work includes the use and education about their SoldierSuit, a cutting edge technology used to help rehabilitate Military men and woman injured in the line of duty.

eksoWhat is the SoldierSuit?

“The SoldierStrong SoldierSuit is actually several state-of-the-art rehabilitation technologies that address a variety of combat-related disabilities. We partner with some of the country’s most advanced medical technology firms to make their products accessible to our returning veterans. Used together or on their own, the SoldierSuit components help their recipients live fulfilling, empowered lives long after their service to our country is over. SoldierStrong is constantly partnering with new firms to tackle new ailments and expand SoldierSuit’s ability to transform lives. Through our efforts, SoldierStrong not only helps those who most deserve it, but also creates additional benefits for the entire country. Our partners don’t just change lives; they create jobs and strengthen their communities. With the support of SoldierStrong and similar organizations, our partners continue to push the possibilities of technology forward and keep the United States at the cutting edge.”

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