Meet January 2016 VIP Member Jack MacCord

Jack MacCord - HeadshotOn January 29, 2016, Jack MacCord, President of HDI Associates was announced as our VIP Member. Jack has been #BCAProud since 2013, and his company, HDI Associates, exclusively represents the Residential Construction category.

Jack and his team have been such a welcomed addition to our BCA Family. As with any new member, its takes some time to get to know everyone and find your “place” within our family. Jack was able to do that with ease and had no problem settling right in by establishing some strong relationships right out of the gate. He joined the PA Suburbs Peer Group and his relationships with members in that group grew even deeper.  Being in the construction industry, which has a reputation of unethical practices and shady dealings, it was truly a breath of fresh air getting to know a trust-worthy and reputable guy like Jack.

Just about two years into his membership Jack started demonstrating really selfless leadership qualities, starting with his desire to form a group of members to build/rebuild a home in low income areas. Then in November of 2015, he coordinated and hosted his first ever Gobbler Golf, in which he hosted almost 30 BCA members for a day of golf and libations the day before Thanksgiving. This is just one example of how Jack is always looking to help and connect his fellow BCA members. The BCA team is very passionate about inspiring genuine selfless relationships and creating environments for that to happen. So we of course have a special place in our heart for members who are doing the same.

Jack’s modest and laid-back style makes him incredibly approachable and just an absolute pleasure to be around. That coupled with his genuine desire to help others is why he is the January 2016 VIP Member.


Jack is happily married to wife Nancy.

Jack has 5 grandkids.

Jack is an avid golfer.


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  1. #1 by Steve Wildemann on January 29, 2016 - 2:39 pm

    Jack Rocks! Very deserving of this award. He has embraced and lives the BCA philosophy. Congrats, Jack.

  2. #2 by bcaphiladelphia on January 29, 2016 - 3:08 pm

    We couldn’t agree more Steve! And we think you Rock as well… Mr. April 2015 VIP

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