About BCA


“To Change The Way people do business”

Our never-ending mission is to change the way people do business; Making stories of selflessness and generosity commonplace in business. Everyday we are engaged in an effort to shift the paradigms of business executives toward a concern for the development of a meaningful, long-term human relationship.

Relationships have a direct and significant impact on so many areas of your life, personally and professionally, We treasure the opportunity to help our members uncover all those values and relish in the successes they receive as a result.


BCA brings successful entrepreneur and former NFL great, Ron Jaworski’s long-time business philosophies and values to life.  Throughout his years as a quarterback, businessman, philanthropist, husband and father, Ron has always lived by the philosophy that you have to get “belly -to-belly with people”. He firmly believes that interpersonal relationships are the basis for building a strong business, and throughout all the technological and social advances our society has made, a handshake and human connection remain the basic and essential business resource. These ideals became naturally instilled in his daughter Joleen who, in 2005, turned them into the foundation for the launch of BCA.



Business Clubs America (BCA)  is an elite members-only business club serving decision makers and leaders in the business community. Relationship Marketing is at the core of this exclusive club, which is strategically designed to help top executives develop the relationships that are integral in growing and maintaining a business. BCA is a community of business leaders who truly want to help each other succeed. The club’s comfortable environment starts with exclusive category rights, and continues with the unselfish culture created for our members, by our members. Simply put, BCA is a business family.

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Ron Jaworski talks about BCA


Each Member signs a membership agreement and must agree to the Membership Commitment


Less than 25 members are annually selected for BCA membership. This selective process, lead by our Board of Advisors, ensures that candidates meet all the classifications and requirements of the club. For those looking to apply for membership, please familiarize yourself with the process outlined below. For more information please contact Ralph Cosenza, ralph@bcaphiladelphia.com.


A prospective member must be nominated in a category that is currently not filled. Once nominated, the prospective member is invited to meet with a BCA Liaison. The initial Membership Briefing is designed for the prospective member to begin learning about BCA, its culture and the interview process.


Following the Membership Briefing, the prospective member is permitted to Apply for Interview. All applications are presented to the board for review.  Approval to interview will be granted or denied at that time. Applications are non-binding and merely indicate interest to learn more about Membership.


The Board will then begin its interview process, ensuring that the membership candidate meets all the classification, character and company requirements for membership. A minimum of two Board Members will be appointed on all applications. The Recommending Member or other non-board member may also be asked to participate in the interview process.

Your BCA Liaison will guide you through the entire process, assisting and advising when needed. During this time, we encourage you to learn as much as you can about our organization and culture, meet and talk with current members, and carry out your due diligence. Likewise, the Board will also be carrying out its due diligence on your application.

At the conclusion of the interview process, the prospective member can knowledgably decide if they’d like to be presented to the Board for official Membership Selection.


Member Candidates are presented to the Board for official selection on the second Thursday of every month. Signed Membership agreements must be received by BCA at least one week prior to the Board meeting. Candidates will be reviewed and discussed by the board and a vote will determine candidate selection. To ensure selection of the strongest company to represent a category, it is ideal to have multiple companies up for selection in a particular category. In these cases, the vote will determine which candidate is selected.


Membership candidates shall be informed of the decisions of BCA and the Board via a phone call within 24 hours. An email will follow with activation details.

The board will ensure that membership candidates meet all the classifications and requirements of the club.

The Benefits

  • Do Your Job Better: Greater self-confidence, more focus, more productive relationships
  • Personalized attention: An accountability-based strategy focused on doable actions customized to your goals
  • Acquire Effective Relationship Building Tools: Create a lifelong community of colleagues, customers, and mentors
  • Become a Better Leader: Guidance from peers leads to  better decisions, superior results.
  • Join an exclusive group of ambitious professionals: Small-group peer learning, maintenance points, built-in accountability
  • Become a Relationship Master: increase your social effectiveness, build your social capital, and purposefully manage both to create human systems that help you get things done
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