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Membership in BCA provides you the platform to build key relationships with some of the most influential leaders in the Philadelphia area. It also provides you with the tools and insights to help you build even stronger relationships with those already in your circle of influence (your non-BCA relationships).

The value of your BCA Membership starts with the team dedicated to your success. Our Director of Member Relations works with you on a regular basis to help craft, execute and maintain your Relationship Marketing Strategy. Your strategy is specific to your goals, but no matter what the end-game the journey always looks the same- stronger, more valuable relationships.



BCA’s strength is a community of highly vetted business leaders who understand the importance and value of long-term relationships.


BCA Members have an unwavering devotion to BCA and upholding its distinct culture and integrity. A culture that was intentionally created to be that safe place from which the strongest relationships can be built.


There is pride and togetherness in family. BCA is a family of peers, fellow business leaders who have each others back.

Maintenance Points

A Maintenance Point is designed help support your overall Relationship Marketing Strategy. It is a Point in time where you are provided the opportunity to Maintain your relationships.  Anyone can throw an “Event” … BCA provides you with critical Relationship Maintenance Points; Each thoughtfully planned and deliberately created to hit various relationship objectives.

BCA Philadelphia provides several different Relationship environments for its members, these are opportunities to increase your relationship level with fellow members. A percentage of the environments are guest permitted. Our guest permitted environments serve as a professional and comfortable platform to invite your top clients, prospects and vendors to meet other BCA Philadelphia members. These business environments are also intended to be utilized as a hospitality tool for you.

Hospitality Breakfast

  • Our signature flagship event
  • Guest Permitted
  • Hospitality Environment
  • Keynote Speaker

Created as a hospitality event for members, as a high-profile keynote speaker is featured. The speaker is not a business speaker who will deliver a business-heavy topic, with key takeaway’s. The purpose of the speaker is to evoke feeling in the attendees, some who will leave the guests feeling some emotion, whether its motivation, inspiration, drive, or renewed passion. The speaker is typically well known and highly respected in their field, some of celebrity-status, which is why this event lends itself to hosting guests. Members are encouraged to strategically select guests to attend for their own values, guests are not to be brought as a part of a membership drive or for BCA purposes.

The Breakfast boasts an attendance of approximately 200-300 attendees, with roughly 60% being members and 40% being guests. The morning starts at 7:00am and is specifically designed to have everyone out and on with their day by 9:15am.

Speaker Reception

Speaker Receptions are held the evening prior to the Hospitality Breakfast and are hosted (sponsored) by one of our members, as a part of their overall Relationship Marketing Strategy (and membership agreement). Speaker Receptions were intentionally created as a smaller, more intimate forum for our members and their invited guests to build relationships in a more casual social setting. The Speaker Receptions serve as the platform to welcome our Breakfast keynote speaker to Philadelphia.

Guests are permitted and welcome at Speaker Receptions, but you will typically see a 80/20 split, 80% members, 20% guests. With most of the guests being with the host member. The average attendance at Speaker Reception is 75-100 pp.

Black Label Events

Black Label Events are BCA’s most exclusive highest-level environments designed for BCA Decision Makers only.

Black Label Events take on many different forms and looks, but ultimately provide an opportunity for BCA Decision Makers to strengthen relationships with their fellow BCA Decision Makers in a comfortable environment. We often use this environment to nudge our members out of their comfort zones, thus opening up vulnerability and the greatest opportunity to forge genuine relationships.

May only be attended by the approved decision maker for your company (no substitutions permitted).


  • BCA’s most selfless events
  • Member Only (no guests)
  • Designed to learn about the host members business on an intimate level
  • Also designed around a topical discussion or activity from which members can share and learn from each other.
  • Small intimate environment to continue to build relationships and stay top of mind with other members

Golf Outing

  • Guest permitted event
  • Conductive to hospitality efforts
  • More social, fun environment


Custom Events

Custom Events vary greatly as they are completely custom. Custom Events may either be environments hosted by BCA that fall outside our regular Maintenance Point Environments. They may also be environments hosted by and designed for a specific member as a part of their overall Relationship Marketing Strategy (and membership agreement).

Below are samples of our custom environments:
~ March Madness Event
~ Bootcamp

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