Effective Hospitality

1. Identifying guests 
  • The first step in successfully utilizing the BCA hospitality environments is identifying your potential guests.
  • No special mathematical formula or defined process of exactly how it has to or should work.
  • On-going organic process
  • Have a strategic reason and a purpose (If you remember only one thing today, remember this)
  • “If you have no reason reason for inviting someone then that person will find no purpose in accepting or attending.”

Few suggested techniques

    • Go through your  Linkedin
    • Go through your CRM
    • Find someplace to keep an on-going list of “relationships” or people. Instead of waiting to think of good invitees when prompted by an invite, have a list of “relationships” you’d like to find a way to spend more time with ready to pull from. I personally use Notes (accessible on my iphone and my macbook) and am able to add a name whenever it comes to me.
    • Inventory your past relationships… think back to those who’ve been influential in your life or who’ve made some impact or left some mark on you.
    • Think about your fellow members, act of generosity for them
2. Properly and Effectively Inviting
  • Now that you’ve identified potential guests, how to you properly and effectively invite that person.
  • Mass inviting not effective and not inline with our culture
  • One thing you should always remember-  Have a strategic reason and a purpose 
  • Before you even begin your outreach — Have a strategic reason and a purpose  (more than just I have an extra ticket to this event)
  • Members with the highest and more valuable guest attendance do one thing consistently — They have a reason! The reason gives the guest purpose!
  • Personally call and tell your invitee what the reason is… make them feel special …
  • Give yourself plenty of time! Don’t wait until invite comes out…far enough out= much more strategic = higher chance for value and success
  • Don’t have to wait for email invite
  • Plenty of lead time also provides you with more touch points…
  • Quality over Quantity:  don’t worry about FILLING seats, worry about strategically using your seats. If you have a strategic reason and purpose, you’ll never be worried about FILLING seats
3. Successful Hosting
  • “Your House” philosophy
  • BITE in November, Ralph hosted 20 guests and had 100% attendance because he used the “Your House” philosophy
  • A few days prior: Reach out confirm, schedule fresh in their mind, reaffirm the reason why you first invited them. create excitement about them being there, make them feel comfortable
  • Make them feel like they are the only guest you have.
  • Pre-arrange strategic introductions and values for your guests and some members
  • Meet your guest when they arrive, ask them to call you or text you when they are arriving and meet them at the front, spend a minute or two briefing them and give them a lay of the land before they walk into the event, important to make them feel that special.

Be responsible for your guests

 Just like a private Country Club, you are responsible for that guest, making sure they know the dress code or any policy’s or rules… We have the same and we make it easy for you to educate your guests, we provide a link with all our cultural and event policy that you can easily forward to your guest
4. Power Follow-up
  • Don’t walk away from any event and not followup, followup personally with your guest.
  • Call and see if they enjoyed it, ask about their experience
  • utilize the followup opportunity as just another touch point in your relationship with that person.
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