General Information / FAQ’s for Members

Detailed Information / FAQ’s for Administrators 



  1. Why am I not receiving any of the invites or emails about the event?
    • The “invitation” for the March Madness event will come from a new domain.  Please add AND to your whitelist to ensure all our emails get to you safely (you may need your IT department to help you).
  2. Why can’t I just forward the invite I received onto the person I want to invite as my guest?
    • Each invite has a unique invitation code embedded, so invites cannot be forwarded or redirected to anyone. Each invite will have to be sent and generated via your ticketblock. 
  3. How do I invite a guest to join me for this event?
    • Simply let your the Administrator for your BCA Membership know who you’d like to send an invite to and they can take care of it directly.
  4. Where can I get all the details and information about the event? 
  5. How do I keep up with all the latest news and updates about the event?
    • We are adding great new features and fun components to this event everyday. You can plenty of options to stay in touch with all the news and updates, either:
    • Follow  @BCAPhilly on Twitter
    • Follow @BCAPhilly Instagram
    • Follow the event hashtag #GMME
    • Follow/Subscribe to the BCA Blog. Go to and scroll down to the bottom, enter your email on the bottom left and hit Sign Me Up! You’ll now receive the latest news and updates via email right to your inbox.


I hope you are enjoying the access to your ticketblock for the Gibbons March Madness Event and are finding it easy to use.

  1. I forgot the password for my Ticketblock user account, can you send it to me?
  2. Is there a manual or document will instructions on how to use the Ticketblock system?How do I invite someone?
  3. How do I Invite someone?
    • Login to your Ticketblock. To begin inviting/assigning your guests, click on Gibbons March Madness Event listed under ‘My Tickets’. You’ll then want to look for the “Create New Invitation/Add Guest” link in the Manage Invitations box to create invitations or assign tickets. More detailed instructions are available here should you need any further assistance.
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