Custom Event Series presented by Kistler Tiffany Benefits (KTB)


Kistler Tiffany Benefits is presenting a custom 3-event series designed specifically to help Relationship Ambassadors establish and begin to build relationships with their peers/counterparts (i.e., Relationship Ambassadors) from other BCA member companies.

One event doesn’t result in a strong relationship; relationship building is long-term and high-touch. Which is why this has taken the form of a 3-event series format with the intent to kick-start and expedite your relationship building process.

The role of a Relationship Ambassador can sometimes be vital to the success of a company’s BCA Membership. So we look forward to working with you and helping you understand the value of true relationships (not just the buzz word). Click here to learn more about the role of a Relationship Ambassador.

Our hope is that this event series will be the catalyst for a continuing Relationship Ambassador group that meets regularly and becomes one of the strongest sub-sets of BCA (similar to the Real Estate Peer Group). Although sub-set groups within BCA are not officially run and managed by BCA, we are hoping that this will provide the framework for the group to launch successfully.

Below are all the details on the event series.


June 18th
Ice Breaker & Team Building Challenge
Valleybrook Country Club

12:00pm: Lunch and Registration
12:30pm: Introductions
1:00pm: Team Challenge begins
3:00pm Program ends

The first event is designed to break the ice and will feature a team-building, structured exercise presented by Ream Builders Plus. We chose this format for the first event to avoid any awkwardness; all participants will have no choice but to get to know each other from the start.
Click here to officially register for this event.



July 10th
Happy Hour
Cuba Libre Restaurant & Rum Bar

The second event will be a much less-structured casual format. It will take the form of a happy hour. Creating the environment to build off the initial relationships established at the first event.
Click here to officially register for this event.



July 20th
4:00pm Game
Friends & Family
Philadelphia Soul Game

The bonus 3rd event will be held at a Philadelphia Soul game. Each participant will be given 5 tickets to the BCA club box for the Soul game on July 20th. We encourage you to bring families, friends or any guests you choose. This again will provide an environment to continuing to build the established relationships, but in a different setting than the first two and bringing friends and family into the mix.
Click here to officially register for this event.


October 20th
Happy Hour
Capital Grille- KOP


Participating companies and Relationship Ambassadors

Kistler Tiffany Benefits
Gary Kasmer
Scott Wham
Alison Paul
Christopher Elvidge
Sean Riley

First Niagara
Tom Keiser
William North
Joe Bifolco
Jeffrey Steigerwalt
John Allenson

Precision Realty Group
Kevin Healey
Ian Murphy
Christopher Farmer
Drew Allison

fmi Direct
Erik Formica
Donna Huttenlock
Terry Miller
Joanne Heifet

Haefele Flanagan
Angela McDonough
Ken May
David Gill

Greater Media
Bill Moore
Deana Poole
Dave Scopinich

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