Activation Team: Designated Contacts

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BCA is a Decision-Maker organization with the opportunity to strategically identify an activation team from your company. Properly understanding all the roles involved in a BCA Membership can directly impact the success of your membership.  We encourage you to take time to think about and discuss the people who you’d like to be a part of your activation team; and fill these important roles (Decision Maker, Administrator, Relationship Ambassadors). 

* No more than 5 total are permitted to round out your official activation team, and each MUST be orientated before being approved.

Decision Maker (BCA Approved)

(One Decision Maker MUST be identified and approved. More than one Decision Maker MAY be authorized when applicable)

Your Relationship Marketing Strategy starts here! The Decision Maker is the point of service for the BCA Team and the person for which your Relationship Marketing Strategy is built around. The Member Services Director will work directly and solely with the Decision Maker, setting their overall Relationship Strategy, helping to suggest and prioritize relationships with fellow BCA Members, utilizing the Relationship Tracking Grid and setting a strategy to properly utilize the BCA maintenance points.

The BCA recognized Decision Maker from your company is approved at time of selection. If you’d like review of more than one Decision Maker, please use appendix A of your agreement. Should your Decision Maker change mid-agreement; a formal request must be submitted to the Board for approval.

  • The Decision Maker will be approved to attend BCA Black Label Events
  • More than one Decision Maker may be recognized by BCA (i.e., in cases where there is inherently and legally multiple owners or partners of a company, or other legal cases for multiple company authority.

The Decision Maker must:

  • Hold the top leadership role in their company (chairman, CEO, president, owner, partner executive director of a nonprofit) for at least one year.
  • Possess triple-bottom line responsibilities for the company (i.e., social, economic and environmental, also referred to as “people, profit and planet”) not just one department or sector of the company.
  • Be responsible for overall day-to-day decisions
  • Be responsible for setting the vision for the company


(One [and only one] Administrator MUST be identified)

An Administrator is assigned by a Decision Maker to coordinate their membership activity and manage their Maintenance Points inventory internally at your company. It is not uncommon at smaller companies for a Decision Maker to also play the Administrator role.  You may also find that a Relationship Ambassador may fit the role of the Administrator

  • Internally managing the BCA Membership at your Company
  • Receiving BCA Invitations, discussing strategic use of the respective seats/invites with the Decision Maker and managing use and registration of those seats/invites.
  • Receiving and internally distributing all BCA Information and initiatives
  • Measure feedback from seat/invite users
  • Maintain updated and accurate information as it relates to your company’s list of Designated BCA contacts and employees and contact information
  • Assist with managing the number of contacts using the membership / who have online accounts under your Member Company. Only people within your company are permitted to have an online account and utilize the membership benefits.
  • Must be employed by the Member Company
  • Must attend the New Member Orientation. If Administrator is hired after the New Member Orientation or a new Administrator is designated mid-agreement, then the Administrator must be orientated via phone and attend one of the regularly scheduled Membership Orientation Sessions.
  • Although not required, we recommend the Administrator attend at least one (1) BCA event annually if possible.
Ideal qualities of an Administrator
  • Strong Organizational skills
  • Detail orientated
  • Strong relationship (direct access) with Decision Maker
  • Ability to plan ahead
  • Ability to hold people accountable
  • Great cross-departmental communication skills internally at your company

On average, an Administrator can expect to spend roughly 2-4 hours per month on their BCA Administrator duties.

Relationship Ambassador

(More than one Relationship Ambassador may be identified, but no more than 4 are permitted to round out your activation team)

Relationship Ambassadors (RA) round out your activation team. They are selected and identified from your employee base to represent your company and your brand within the BCA culture. Relationship Ambassadors are approved to build 1:1 relationships with other Member Company Relationship Ambassadors, but must be orientated on the BCA culture prior to doing so.

RA’s will end up creating their own circles of influence and will help your company move the needle with relationships with other member companies. Constant communication with your Relationship Ambassadors is important, via your Administrator or directly to the Decision Maker. It is important that information and knowledge about what is going on with and around your Relationship Ambassadors is regularly communicated.

  • Must be employed by the Member Company
  • Must attend the New Member Orientation. If a Relationship Ambassador is hired or identified after the New Member Orientation, they must attend one of the regularly scheduled Membership Orientation Sessions.

FAQ’s & Other Helpful Info

Can one of my Relationship Ambassadors be my Administrator?

Yes, as long as they fit the requirements and qualities of an Administrator

Who receives the event Invitations and BCA emails?

The Administrator receives the Event Invites and is responsible for distributing them to the appropriate people internally, after discussing with the Decision Maker. The Decision Maker[s] will also always receive a copy of the Event Invites and BCA emails.

Can I add another person to the email distribution list?

Unfortunately no. Only the Administrator and the Decision Maker[s] are authorized to receive the event invites and BCA emails.


Why can’t everyone at my company receive the invite?

We have the email distribution setup this way because every event has specific restrictions and inclusions that must be managed by one person. For instance an associate member has an allotment of 5 seats at the Hospitality Breakfast, if 25 people from a member company were to receive the invitation, they may all go in and register, which would immediately put that company over their allotted number.

Another reason it is setup as such, is to encourage strategic use of event invitations. As the Decision Maker is regularly working with the Director of Member services, they often times have created a strategic plan on how the company will use the invites/seats/tickets. In order to carry out this strategic use, the allotment must be tightly managed and controlled.


Can BCA setup a specific Relationship Marketing Strategy for all of the Relationship Ambassadors from my company?

Unfortunately no. Membership provides personal Relationship Marketing Strategy and service for the Decision Maker[s] only.

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