March Madness Event- Member Information


Important Information for Members

As you know BCA’s culture is one we all take great pride in; rich in quality, generosity and respect. We’ve made great progress to ensure the attendance and culture at the Gibbons March Madness Event is in line with BCA’s overall culture. This year we intend to keep up that progress. While other organizations and events may work hard to increase attendance, BCA focuses on the experience and the quality of the attendees, rather than the quantity.

In order to maintain our integrity and maintain the Gibbons March Madness Event as the most sought after ticket in town, please be aware of the policies and details for this event listed below.


The purpose of the March Madness Event is to provide the opportunity and the environment for face-to-face interactions with fellow BCA Members and their select invited guests. Different from other BCA maintenance points, the MME is an environment where members can spend much longer periods of time building the relationship and enjoying time together on a slightly more social level.

We encourage and invite you to find a seat on one of the couches at the event and chat with your BCA family and friends. With nearly 800 people in attendance last year, there will still be plenty of opportunities for relationship building.

Gibbons March Madness Event Policies

  • Each Member company will receive 15 tickets to the event
  • Invitations to register are sent via email and include a unique one-time use registration code embedded, so the invitation cannot be transferred, forwarded on or redirected.
  • NO WALK-UPS are permitted. All attendees must be registered and confirmed via our online ticketing system.
  • The ADMINISTRATOR for each member company will be given access to manually control their company’s ticketblock. This is where you will send all your invites from and manage your company’s event registration.
  • Each invite will have to be sent and generated via your Company Ticketblock. If you’d like to invite a guest, simply contact your company’s BCA Membership ADMINISTRATOR. Don’t know who your company’s BCA Membership ADMINISTRATOR is, email

All other BCA event policies still apply

  • Members must announce their guests and register them via the online RSVP system
  • A guest (non-member) may attend no more than two BCA events
  • Past BCA members are not permitted to attend.
  • No more than 2 pp. from the same non-member company may attend the same event
  • Guests who have attended excessive amount of events and/or have violated our culture will be black listed and will not be permitted to attend a BCA event in the future.
  • Please be considerate to Category Exclusivity.In the case of a member-hosted event (i.e., Speaker Reception,  march madness for other custom event ), no guest who competes within the members exclusive business category will be permitted
  • Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests. Guests must also adhere to Policy’s & Bylaws and be respectful of our culture.
  • BCA Management reserves the right to approve any exceptions and reserves the right to exercise appropriate flexibility
  • Click Here to review our Full Policies and By-law’s


Business Clubs America (BCA) is a private, exclusive club for use by its members and select invited guests. The policy’s and bylaws are in place to ensure the safe, comfortable environment expected by our members. They are extremely important to our integrity and have been established to compliment the members overall experience within BCA.

As an exclusive member of BCA, you are responsible for the conduct of your guests. Please be sure they are aware of and adhere to all BCA Policy’s & Bylaws and are respectful of our culture. It is also your responsibility to announce your guests prior to an event (i.e. register them via the online RSVP system).

Prior to attending a BCA event, you can send your guest the following link so they may familiarize themselves with our culture and event policy’s.

Click here for important Cultural and Event Policy’s your guests should know

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