Member Softball Game Ground Rules

Coaches and players are responsible for knowing all the rules. Click here for PDF of the Rules

FORMAT:  10v10 Coed Softball

  • First pitch will be promptly at 5:30pm
  • 5 Inning Game
  • 60 foot bases
  • Slow pitch softball arch required
  • Minimum of two (2) girls must be in the field at any given time
  • 10 players in the field at one time, but batting lineup must consist of all players so everyone will bat
  • Fielding substitutions are made at the team’s discretion
  • Captains will meet for a coin toss before the game to determine home field


  • Basic equipment will be provided (softballs and bases)
  • Each player is required to bring their own glove
  • You may bring your own bat if desired
  • Wooden bat ONLY for men, NO metal bats are permitted for men. Women are permitted to use metal bats
  • NO  Spikes are allowed
  • Additional protective equipment is to be provided by players at their own discretion (including batting helmets, mouth guards, eye protection, protective cups, face guards or Catchers mask)



  • Everyone will bat, there is not lineup
  • 3 strikes is a strikeout
  • Balls hit over the outfield fence, brick wall or blue railing is a Home Run
  • Balls that bounce over the fence will be considered a ground rule double
  • Players hit by a pitch are not awarded a base rather the pitch will be deemed a ball and the at-bat will continue.
  • Leading off and stealing is not allowed.
  • Leaving the base before contact results in a dead ball and runner is out.
  • Obstruction of the base runner’s path by a defenseman is illegal and can result in an extra base and/or player ejection if deemed deliberate by ump
  • Base runners must veer around, slide by or surrender to a defenseman trying to make a tag-out.  Any attempt to knock the ball out of a defenseman’s glove by contact will result in an out and/or ejection.
  • Feet-first sliding is allowed (except into 1st & home, in which there is ABSOLUTELY  NO SLIDING), however if a player slides into a base to break up a double play or to intentionally interfere with any defensive play, both the runner and the batter will be called out.
  • Pinch runners may be used if necessary due to injury


  • With the exception of the ‘gentleman’s rule’, fielders may cover the field in any chosen configuration with a max. of 10 players.
  • The 10th fielder or rover position is permitted to ‘rove’ between outfield and infield whereas the Left, Center and Right fielders must observe the gentleman’s rule (see below).
  • All fielders (including pitcher) must stay on or behind the pitchers mound until the ball is hit.
  • A base runner struck by a thrown ball will advance to the nearest base.


  • Pitching mound is approximately 45’ from home plate (approx 15 paces)
  • An underhand slow pitch delivery is to be used.
  • The ball shall be pitched to the batter with an arc approximately 6 ft off the ground min., and no more than 10 ft off the ground max.
  • A pitch is considered over the plate and a strike if it falls within the parallel sides of the plate and within approx. 18 in. of the back of the plate (anything that lands on the plate is a ball).
  • Ball, strikes will be determined by the umpire from behind the pitcher’s mound.
  • Intentional walking is prohibited and will be determined by the umpire.


On an infield fly (any ball hit within the infield with significant arc and deemed an “easy catch”) with less than 2 outs and runners on 1st and 2nd or 1st, 2nd and 3rd, the batter is automatically out and runners can advance, BUT at their own risk.


  • All outfielders must remain behind the outfield foul cone when a female is up to bat until after contact has been made.
  • If an outfielder crosses the line before contact has been made, the batter advances to first.
  • No more than 7 players are allowed in the infield.

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