Real Estate Affinity Group

Established: 2011

Affinity: Real Estate & Construction Services Sector

Chair: Steve Jeffries

Groups Mission: An organization of business professionals focused on making introductions to help further the interests and initiatives of executives in Real Estate, Development, Construction, Property Management and related industries. As members, we will actively contribute to the success of the group by:

• Being involved in the planning of group events
• Successfully sourcing guests to attend events
• Actively participating in pre and post event tasks & meetings geared to ensure our guests

Our guests are Real Estate and related industry executives that are interested in meeting other business professionals in pursuit of relationship building with like-minded executives. Our group strives to also build relationships within the group through additional monthly meetings and one on ones to maximize the true potential of our internal relationships and introductions.

Other Officers:
Co-Chair: Craig Marowitz

Click here for a calendar of Affinity Group meetings and activities.