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The Relationship Marketing (RM) Resource Center gives you convenient access to research and intelligence on Relationship Marketing. In our pursuit to substantiate and define Relationship Marketing as it relates to the Business Community, we have found several academic studies, schools of thought and compelling research articles. All of which have truly helped us to prove the validity of the subject.

Are you looking to become more successful in business? Then you have to learn why using relationship marketing can be very powerful no matter what role you are in.

Before you learn the six overall value areas of relationship marketing, you first need to understand what this marketing method is all about. This marketing method is about building relationships with other business professionals (no… don’t just think customers and potential customers… if you do your are completely missing the boat and all the tremendous values that await you).

You are not trying to sell anything with this method, this is not a sales technique, this is not about instantly boosting your sales! This is about building long-term, highly successful relationship that will help you in every single aspect of your professional career and your life. Once you have formed a strong, solid relationship… the values with naturally come.

You are invited to read and educate yourself on the benefits and behaviors of Relationship Marketing.

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Recommended reading:

Who’s Got Your Back, Keith Ferrazi

Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen R. Covey

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