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Rodriguez Consulting Roundtable; The Power of Mentors #BCAProud @Rodriguez_LLC

A Huge Thank you goes out to Lou Rodriguez of Rodriguez Consulting who hosted yesterday’s Roundtable. The impactful topic, “The Power of Mentors” created a platform for an amazing conversation. BCA Members learned about Rodriguez Consulting’s work on all the Philadelphia water systems including Fairmount Water Work’s Museum! It was fascinating to learn Philadelphia’s original water system consisted of tanks and pipes made of wood!

Many members contributed their thoughts including Mitch Weinick, who differentiated the terms Advisor, Role Model, Coach, and Mentor for the group. Mentors can take any role in life, and are valuable at any age, and many members agreed it is important to mentor those who are younger. Phil Jaurigue and Brian Lipstein contributed that it can be lonely at the top of your company, so learning from those you mentor and taking advice from others is important.


Thanks to all the BCA Members who contributed their time and energy to the BCA “Braintrust” and enjoyed a beautiful day out at Fairmount Water Works!

 From Left to Right: Mary Pat Kessler-BCA, Jon Buzan-REPSG, Hugh Pody-H.C.Pody, Brian Lipstein-Henry A. Davidsen, Lonnie Barish-NAP, Mitch Wienick-Kelleher, Lou Rodriguez, Lindsay Rosenberg-Riversharks, Shawn Orenstein-KTB, Dave Czarnecki-CzarStar Security, Jeff Backal-Team Builders, Brandon Steiger-Synergema, Phil Jaurigue-Sabre Systems, Shaun Lyons-Precision

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BCA Announces the July Speaker J.B. Bernstein: Million Dollar Arm

We are very excited to announce our July Speaker, legendary sports agent and marketing pioneer, J.B. Bernstein. You may be familiar with his upcoming on screen appearance (as played by Jon Hamm) in the Million Dollar Arm being released on May 16th

  • Hey…Where’s My Big Idea?JB-Bernstein
    “Big ideas” don’t appear magically. There is no hidden storehouse of pre-generated ideas locked away in the recesses of your mind. Good ideas come from a process. Using case studies contained in the forthcoming business book, Hey…Where’s My Big Idea?, marketing veteran J.B. Bernstein shows the genesis of the creativity that led to increased profitability at P&G, the groundbreaking marketing deals for superstar clients Barry Bonds and Emmitt Smith, and his awe-inspiring biographical story depicted in the upcoming Disney film Million Dollar Arm. The process that made Bernstein a legend in his field will guide audiences to find their next big idea.

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