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Look out Hurricane Matthew @BELFORGroup is coming for ya!

Thanks so much Daryl from BELFOR USA, for hosting a great Round Table last week.  The tour of your facility was so educational and impressive and the topic discussion was lively. I think I speak for everyone when I say that I wish there was more time to continue it. 

Remember to reach out to those members new and old that you may not know so well. Invite them out to share some activities you may have going on in the next few weeks.  Great way to get to know them better!



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Greater Media Felt the Love at the Roundtable they hosted #BCAProud

Thanks to all of you for a great Round Table hosted by Great Media Philadelphia. And thanks to Paul and Jim for being such great hosts! The topic was a tough one and very timely for our friends. A few key take aways on the topic of Managing Through Significant Company Change:

*          Communication is critical even if you don’t know the answers to their questions

*          Create excitement (or certainly don’t let them see you sweat!)

*          Determine what value you bring to the organization

*          Build relationships with the key members in the new organization

Please remember to look out for the folks you broke bread with and get to know them better if you don’t already.



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Thanks Gibbons for a great Roundtable! @GibbonsPC #BCAProud

A big thanks to Scott and Steve of Gibbons for being such a great host at their Roundtable last week and a bigger thanks to all of you who came out and participated so wonderfully!

There was a lot of learning about relationship building, with many key take aways. A couple of them being.. listen and try to truly connect to the person you are meeting.  Understand their value proposition. Also remembering that less is better; focus on less connections but deeper relationships.

As we work to connect more of our BCA family, I encourage you all to keep in touch with each other and reach out before and during our events to better build your relationships.


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Thanks McMahon Automotive for a great Roundtable! @mcmahonauto #BCAProud

A big thanks to Joe and PJ McMahon of McMahon Automotive for hosting their Roundtable last week and a bigger thanks to all of you who came out and participated so wonderfully!

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Great Roundtable at Direct Choice! @DirectChoiceInc #BCAProud


Thank you to Nick Lanzi, Direct Choice for hosting the Roundtable on Tuesday and thanks to all the wonderful BCA members that spent the afternoon with us. Personal obstacles and fears…..seems like we all got ‘em! Here are takeaways from Read the rest of this entry »

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Czarstar Security hosts great Roundtable! @CzarStarKriebel #BCAProud

Thanks Dave Czarnecki and Czarstar Security for hosting our Roundtable Tuesday.  The discussion of ‘How to Increase Profits” was a great topic for everyone involved.  The few key notes that stuck with us:
  • Look at subcontracting/temp hires.  An expandable and contractable work force is key during times of uptick so it’s easier to manage when things are not as busy.
  • Get tough on payment terms so you’re not floating receivables.
  • Have a good grasp of your costs – know what makes you money and focus on growth of that.  Scale down if it doesn’t make sense.
Keep building relationships

20160510_140203 (2)

Jack MacCord- HDI, Matt Pincus- Pincus Elevator, Mark Formica- fmi, Sam Stroback- Today Systems, Lonnie Barrish- New America Power, Mike Mulligan- Reads Moving, Cheryl Bode- BCA, Joe Gaglioti- Joseph Anthony Spa & Salon, Dave Czarnecki- Czarstar Security


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Spikes Trophies Roundtable- Company Core Values @SpikesTrophies #BCAProud

Thanks to Keith Baldwin and Spikes Trophies for hosting a great Roundtable yesterday. Spikes was a terrific host and even left us with some customized gifts!

The Roundtable topic was based on core values in your company which ended up as an emotional topic for all passionate business owners.  Here are some great take aways…

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FMI’s Superhero Roundtable!

20160420_140641Thanks to everyone who attended the FMI Direct Marketing Solutions Roundtable yesterday.  Lisa, Mike, Steve and Eric, you sure know how to host a party and take advantage of the beautiful day.   The BBQ was perfect and you made ‘superheroes out of all of us with your presentation on FMI’s capabilities. FMI gave us a tour of their grand facility which was eye opening for those who had no idea of their fantastic capabilities.

The Roundtable discussion of ‘What are you doing to stand out among your competition’ was lively and stirred up some common themes:
  • Research your prospects thoroughly and come ready with solutions to their problems
  • Highlight the quantifiable benefits of your offerings rather than just the features
  • Do more ‘showing’ than ‘telling’
  • Listen more and let the prospect feel heard
Make sure you remember to continue to keep FMI and all of your BCA family top of mind in your day-to-day activities!
Steven Formica-FMI, Nick Lanzi-Direct Choice, Ed Hutchinson-Hutchinson Mechanical, Heather Steiger-Synergema, Steve Esposito- New America Power, Ginny-Heron Doerr- Proshred Security, Mitch Wienick- Kelleher Associates, Cheryl Bode-BCA, Chris Drucquer- CertaPro Painters, Lisa Formica- FMI

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The Challenges of Millennials

Thanks to The Safegard Group for hosting a great roundtable yesterday. The Safegard Group brought to the table a perfect topic for everyone to discuss…. The Challenges of Millennials: Coaching, Motivating and Managing. Thanks to all the BCA Members who particpated and gave great insight on this topic. And  thanks to Brulee Catering for the always delicious lunch. Here are some of the take aways from the Roundtable….

  • Millennials desire a career path and could benefit from a mentor in the workplace
  • Reinforce social skills
  • Give them professional development in the workplace
  • Hire interns and promote within the build loyalty. Also serves as an audition or vetting process to see if they are a good fit for your company
  • Train them in basic business & life skills. Also professional etiquette when dealing with clients
  • Have your company culture clearly defined
  • Create achievements & milestones



Top:Ginny Heron-Doerr- Proshred Security, Jim Geier- HCCP, Dave Van Horn- PPR, Jon Buzan- REPSG, Bill Donato-The Safegard Group, Bob Wexler- Allied Mortgage Bottom: Jon New- The Hub, Joe Gaglioti- Joseph Anthony Spa & Salon, Nick Lanzi-Direct Choice, Sam Stroback-Today’s Systems


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Leading in times of Change

Thanks to Vince Stango and the National Constitution Center for hosting the BCA Roundtable yesterday.  The topic of “Leading in times of Change” was very interesting and engaging. Thanks to all the BCA Members who attended and shared their top Leadership tips.  Some of those tips included:

  •  Stay true to your strategic plan
  • Take a moment and “step back” and recognize your accomplishments
  • Change is inevitable, Keep working at it- It is hard in the beginning, but you begin to see the Results
  • Communication, internal, external is critical during change

NCCRTPictured above:

Jeannine Stuart- Areufit, Shawn Orenstein-KTB, Steve Hoagland- All In One, Phil Jaurigue-Sabre Systems, Vince Stango- NCC, Mark Formica-fmi direct, Gary Krapf-Krapfs Coaches, Jim Geier- HCCP, Geoff Passehl= Northwestern Mutual, Kerry Sautner- NCC

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