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DDP Roundtable; “Incentive Compensation” #BCAProud

Thank you Paul Becker and Rusty Boyko of DDP Roofing Services, we greatly appreciate your hospitality and Roundtable topic, “Incentive Compensation.” It was interesting to learn what each member’s organization does to move the quality bar to create competition and greatness. It appears the most successful incentive programs are a combination of individual and company performance. Thanks to all the members who contributed to the conversation!


from left to right: Jack MacCord – HDI, Steve Wildemann – ASP, Dan Tropeano – UHC, Cheryl Beth Kuchler – Ballantree, Shawn Orenstein – KTB, Phil Jaurigue – Sabre, Rusty Boyko and Paul Becker – DDP Roofing, Jeff Backal – Team Builders, Mitch Wienick – Kelleher.

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Teamwork, Generosity, and Lots of Laughs! #BCAProud

Thanks to all the BCA members who joined us for the 2016 Bootcamp. Everyone really embraced the Mini Golf Charity Classic challenge. All the courses were unique, creative, and fun to play. Thanks to you, we were able help donate food items back to the local community!

Thank you to Team Builders Plus for facilitating such a fun day and Congratulations to the challenge winners! We hope you enjoyed the time spent with your fellow BCA members.

Also, a big thanks to Larry Cohen and Cuba Libre for their hospitality and hosting us for a delicious dinner.

We want to wish Joleen Jaworski, President of BCA a Happy Birthday, and thank all of the members at dinner for being such great sports during her Roast! For those who were able to join us, it truly was a night to remember!

Don’t forget Gibbons March Madness on March 17th is right around the corner. Reach out to the BCA Staff to help facilitate your Gibbons March Madness strategy, answer registration questions, or book a Breakout Room! Read the rest of this entry »

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BCA Bootcamp 2016 with @TropicanaAC @CubaLibreAC @TeamBuildersPlus #BCAProud #Relationships

Large Group pic
We hope that all our BCA members and their Activation Teams are looking forward to another excellent year at the BCA Bootcamp. We’re going to have another surprise charity activity with our favorite Team Building experts, Team Builders Plus.

Be sure to plan your 1:1 meetings and coffee breaks with some of your fellow BCA members. Don’t forget to book your rooms at the Tropicana, available Wednesday night and Thursday night at a discounted rate. The BCA Team will be available as well from Wednesday Night through Friday Morning. Reach out to Casey with any questions Get ready to have fun in Atlantic City!

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Team Builders The Chameleon; Life Changing Wisdom for Anyone Who has a Personality, or Knows Someone Who Does #BCAProud

ChameleonBK-2Team Builders Plus is excited to announce the release of Take Flight Learning CEO and author, Merrick Rosenberg’s latest book – The Chameleon: Life Changing Wisdom for Anyone Who Has a Personality or Knows Someone Who DoesThe Chameleon is available as of December 2015 before the world-wide release in January 2016!   

In the book you will laugh and learn through twenty-two entertaining fables that reflect the challenges you experience in your life story. Guided by an all-knowing chameleon, Xenia, four unassuming birds play the roles of the personality styles. The insights gained from their interactions and struggles will lift you to new insights to understanding yourself.

Congratulations Merrick and Team Builders for this great accomplishment! If you would like to learn more or order your copy of The Chameleon, please CLICK HERE.

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Rodriguez Consulting Roundtable; The Power of Mentors #BCAProud @Rodriguez_LLC

A Huge Thank you goes out to Lou Rodriguez of Rodriguez Consulting who hosted yesterday’s Roundtable. The impactful topic, “The Power of Mentors” created a platform for an amazing conversation. BCA Members learned about Rodriguez Consulting’s work on all the Philadelphia water systems including Fairmount Water Work’s Museum! It was fascinating to learn Philadelphia’s original water system consisted of tanks and pipes made of wood!

Many members contributed their thoughts including Mitch Weinick, who differentiated the terms Advisor, Role Model, Coach, and Mentor for the group. Mentors can take any role in life, and are valuable at any age, and many members agreed it is important to mentor those who are younger. Phil Jaurigue and Brian Lipstein contributed that it can be lonely at the top of your company, so learning from those you mentor and taking advice from others is important.


Thanks to all the BCA Members who contributed their time and energy to the BCA “Braintrust” and enjoyed a beautiful day out at Fairmount Water Works!

 From Left to Right: Mary Pat Kessler-BCA, Jon Buzan-REPSG, Hugh Pody-H.C.Pody, Brian Lipstein-Henry A. Davidsen, Lonnie Barish-NAP, Mitch Wienick-Kelleher, Lou Rodriguez, Lindsay Rosenberg-Riversharks, Shawn Orenstein-KTB, Dave Czarnecki-CzarStar Security, Jeff Backal-Team Builders, Brandon Steiger-Synergema, Phil Jaurigue-Sabre Systems, Shaun Lyons-Precision

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ProShred Security Roundtable: Hiring and Retaining Talent #BCAProud @ProShredPhila

ProShred Security security hosted their first ever BCA Roundtable on Wednesday and it went great! The discussion centered around the best way to hire and retain talent for the long run. Many members agreed that acknowledging accomplishments and treating employees the way you want to be treated is very impactful. Smaller, but more personal things affect morale too, such as hand written thank you notes, and eating together as a team. Thank you to Ginny and Jim, and all the amazing BCA members for your contribution.


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BCA Bootcamp-Teamwork, Generosity, and Bikes #BCAProud

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the 2015 BCA Bootcamp. Thanks to our BCA Members, 20 under served children received brand new bikes, what an incredibly moving act of generosity!

Thank you to Team Builders Plus for facilitating a great day of programming. From “Engaging The Workforce” to the “Wheels of the World” we hope you not only enjoyed the activities, but got to learn first hand about the great work of one your fellow BCA Members.

Also, a big thanks to Larry Cohen and Cuba Libre for their hospitality and hosting us for a delicious dinner. For those of you that stayed, what a night to remember! Read the rest of this entry »

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