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DDP Roundtable; “Incentive Compensation” #BCAProud

Thank you Paul Becker and Rusty Boyko of DDP Roofing Services, we greatly appreciate your hospitality and Roundtable topic, “Incentive Compensation.” It was interesting to learn what each member’s organization does to move the quality bar to create competition and greatness. It appears the most successful incentive programs are a combination of individual and company performance. Thanks to all the members who contributed to the conversation!


from left to right: Jack MacCord – HDI, Steve Wildemann – ASP, Dan Tropeano – UHC, Cheryl Beth Kuchler – Ballantree, Shawn Orenstein – KTB, Phil Jaurigue – Sabre, Rusty Boyko and Paul Becker – DDP Roofing, Jeff Backal – Team Builders, Mitch Wienick – Kelleher.

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BCA is Excited to Annouce Rory Vaden as the October Speaker! #BCAProud @Rory_Vaden

zMBs9grlBCA is excited to announce our October guest Speaker! Rory Vaden was highly recommended to BCA by our friends at UnitedHealthcare, and after learning more about him, we agree he is a great fit. Rory’s platform is based on self discipline and Taking the Stairs, as opposed to always going the easy route. Rory talks about the keys to be successful in a very fast-paced and shortcut driven society. Rory is currently a #1 Best Selling Author, and a New York Times Best Sellinglibro Author for his book; Take the Stairs.

No matter how you define success, it requires one thing: self-discipline. But as popular speaker, author, and strategist Rory Vaden explains, we live in an “escalator world” one that’s filled with “short cuts,” “quick fixes,” and distractions that make it all too easy to slide into procrastination, compromise, and mediocrity. What seems like an easier path is really much harder in the end…and, it won’t take you where you want to go. How do successful people achieve their results? We will learn more when meet Rory Vaden at our October Speaker Reception and Hospitality Breakfast on October 1st and 2nd.

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