Town Hall III

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1. Table discussion of BCA Best Practices

  • Consider BCA members as vendors
  • Joe Mac creates a one page summary of each BCA member – not a bio, but a more detailed description of the best way to help them.
  • Continue to build relationships through multiple 1:1’s
  • Prior to breakfast review RSVP list- if you see a guest you want to have an introduction to- call the member
  • All member companies employees should have the member directory to utilize BCA member services
  • Don’t overwhelm the new members – Be Gentle, but make them feel welcome.

2. Updates from Previous Town Halls 

  • Category table of contents in membership directory
    • This has been added
  • Exit notification emails
    • Effective January 1st, we send email notifications when a member leaves BCA
  • Email notification when  member renews.
    • Instead of emails, we have implemented announcing renewals at the Breakfast
  • Growth in strength of membership
    • We’ve focused strongly on the vetting of prospects, evident in the current competitive categories
  • Sensitivity to erosion of exclusivity
  • Publish annual report
    • Will be done shared at the end of each year
  • Host best practice sessions/better leveraging of membership
    • Some tests runs have been done at Bootcamp, strategy conference call leading up to March Madness, and at Town Hall Best Practices brainstorm. Feedback has been positive so we will continue to do this is various forums

3. Today’s Hot Topic – Hospitality

1. Identifying guests

  • Have a strategic reason and a purpose!!!
  • Think about your fellow members when inviting guests, act of generosity

2. Properly and Effectively Inviting

  • Mass inviting not effective and not inline with our culture
  • Before you begin your outreach have a strategic reason and purpose
  • If you have no reason for inviting some then that person will have no purpose to attend or accept your invitation
  • Pick up the phone!!Personally call and tell your invitee what the reason for their invite is.. make them feel special
  • Give yourself plenty of time- don’t wait until invite comes out. The farther in advance, the more strategic your reason will be an the higher chance of value and success
  • Quality over Quantity- don’t worry about filling seats, worry about strategically using your seats

3. Successful Hosting

  • “Your House” approach — Treat your guests like you would if they came into your own house
  • Reach out and confirm your guests. Reaffirm the reason why you first invited them. Create excitement about then being there
  • Make them feel comfortable by properly preparing your guests for the event
  • Pre-arrange strategic introductions and values for your guests and members
  • Meet your guest when they arrive, ask them to call you or text you when they are arriving and meet them at the front door.
  • Make them feel special!

4. Power Follow-up

  • Don’t walk away from an event and not follow up
  • Follow up personally with your guest
  • Call and see if they enjoyed it, ask about their experience
  • Utilize the followup opportunity as just another touch point in your relationship with that person

New Suggestions/Ideas

  • Members would love a text notifications when their guest arrives at an event, like the system we use for MME does
  • The members would like to receive a confirmation email when their guest registers
  • Publish a Best Practices / BCA tips (suggested: a BCA book, in membership directory, on website)

Coming Soon

  • Mystery Golf & Mystery Golf lessons
  • June 4th- Speaker Reception hosted by First Niagara
  • June 5th- Hospitality Breakfast featuring Doc Hendley
  • August 5th- BCA Member/Guest Golf Outing at Downingtown Country Club
  • October 30th- Next Black Label Event- Halloween Party




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